An editorial style guide, also called a writing style guide or content style guide, provides information people need to be consistent when they communicate on behalf of or about your organization. This covers marketing, PR, internal communications, messages from executives, et cetera.


It is a reference tool for the people who write, edit, and review your organization’s copy, content and materials, including employees, contractors, and other external third parties. Even if you’re a content production team of one, an editorial style guide makes the writing process a heck of a lot easier.


This guide documents grammar, punctuation, terminology, voice, formatting, and other standards to prevent writing errors and inconsistencies in written communications. A premium guide from can be broadened to include information beyond the written word such as creative ideas, messaging, document templates, styles and deeper tone of voice and other assets used in branded materials.


Be prepared to evolve your editorial style guide as your organization makes choices about the language it uses to communicate.


The purpose of this particular guide is to let you edit and provide a framework for letting you get started on developing it to suit the needs of your own organisation.

Basic Editorial Style Guide by Writefullyso