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So you're looking for a (savvy, creative, goal-focused, professional, organised, timely, straight-talking, detailed, gifted, affordable) copywriter in Leeds. In short, you're actually looking for a good copywriter. It's you're lucky day.

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You're on this page because you're looking for a copywriter in Leeds, so it’s fair to assume that your based somewhere in the area(or if not in Leeds itself, then somewhere nearby like Bradford or Wakefield or Skipton).

I'm Anthony Clayton.

I specialise in Education and EdTech copywriting. However, I love working with local business owners in any industry or niche. I'm particularly interested in writing sales letters, webpages and sales video scripts. I have experience working with a B2B EdTech startup, as a growth hacker for a property crowdfunding business and running my own ecommerce website. I can help you to:

Choose the most powerful angles for your business copy. This will help you to deliver a clear, focused message to prospects.

Clear away unnecessary words and make your copy understandable for a 14 year old. This is the age by which most people read.

Make reading your copy a positive and enjoyable experience for prospects and customers. So that they are much more likely to spend money on your product or service.

Copywriter in Leeds. An approach that goes beyond just writing. So that your copy is 'copy as it should be'.

The fact that you’re in the West Yorkshire area has little to do with your business. It says nothing about the challenges you deal with. These are unique to you and your business.

It is essential that when I write for you, I'm armed with a holistic understanding of the business and how it works from day to day.

So when possible I prefer to talk with you and gain as much information as is possible around your project and business. This will greatly assist me in writing the strongest copy for you. These could be anything from circumstances affecting your teams or sales approach, to the wider local and national news relating to your sector.

By establishing a real relationship with you and a thorough understanding of where you and you're business is at, I can ensure that I exceed your expectations. I can also understand how to deliver valuable work for you and make an impact on your bottom line. In short, I'll take every opportunity to use my skills as a copywriter to help you.

Leeds Copywriter. A deep understanding of copywriting best practices. Cutting-edge techniques learned through the globally respected CMP Diploma in Copywriting.

As we said earlier, you found me by searching for ‘Copywriter Leeds' or something similar. But location is not important, I’m simply a B2B and Education specialist copywriter from a broad marketing background. Think analytics, branding, ecommerce and content. I work mainly with owners of small and medium sized businesses. I do a lot of work for marketing agencies and work with web designers on many different projects. I like to have precise goals. I'm sure you do to. This way you can clearly quantify the ROI that has been delivered by hiring me.

Get in touch here.

If you're in the Leeds area and you're interested in hiring me for a sizeable project then then I'm happy to meet you, once you're a client. Certain things are much easier to convey in person than over the phone or via email. However, I often work with clients- and deliver their projects with complete success - without ever meeting them.

That’s not because I don’t like meeting clients, but because I can keep your costs and my costs down. Sometimes, it's simply downright impractical. This way allows you more time to focus on the things that matter in your business and making it happen.

Not having to spend time away from the desk enables me to write for longer and spend more time reflecting. Both of these activities and particularly the latter are where the most value comes from my work.

(All this is pretty standard in the copywriting industry).

I look forward to hearing from you.

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